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Friday, 19 March 2010

Small Community Living

Living in a small, enclosed community like an expat compound, has benefits and many drawbacks. It is good to know all your neighbours and comforting to have them to turn to if you need help - for anything from that vital ingredient for your dinner party dish to looking after one of your children as you have to take the other to the medical centre. 
The main pool and meeting place

Flash floods
Our local pool
However there is no anonymity after a bad day at work for your spouse - because they all work together when one makes a decision it tends to affect everyone else. Resentment brought home from work can spread to their wives and before you know it you're being ignored for something that happened to their husband at work! Living in a closed community where the majority of wives cannot work also leads to bored women with nothing better to do than fill their time with coffee and gossip. Combine this with a culture that forbids women from driving and you have a recipe for a hotbed of gossip and misunderstandings as there is no escape and very little opportunity to find a different group of people to do activities with. Hence the pleasure and escape of the internet. Here I can visit different worlds and be anonymous.

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